Stylish, Yet Affordable Wedding Decor

Photo by: Vanessa Slagle

Any bride who is planning her wedding knows that it’s the details that can really add up and make the big day an expensive one. But why should she sacrifice style in the name of affordability? She doesn’t have to!

There is A LOT that can be done with items you can find in your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store. Even if your wedding theme isn’t vintage or shabby chic, there is a wide variety of unique and inexpensive¬† items that can be found with some hunting around in local thrift shops.

The photo at the left is the result of a little bit of creativity on my part and a thrift store find. The flower pom is made from a small styrofoam ball with the heads of silk flowers hot glued to it. The pom is sitting in my super cheap thrift store vintage glass. For only a few dollars I have created something that is sure to add some pizazz to my vintage chic wedding!

So get creative, ladies! Start looking around and see what you can come up with. If you happen to be challenged in the creativity department or simply don’t have the free time that I somehow find to create items for your event, check out my Etsy shop, Pretty and Sparkly Things, to see if I have or can create what you’re looking for!



3 thoughts on “Stylish, Yet Affordable Wedding Decor

  1. After reading this I’m trying something similar for my Pink, Black, & White wedding in October. I’m using a box of wine glasses my mom found at a yard sale for five dollars. The flowers and styrofoam ball came from Walmart.

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