Decor on a Budget

Photography by: Vanessa Garofalo

Whether you are decorating your home or looking for decor for your wedding or event, it is easy to spend a lot of money in a small amount of time. Get creative with your decorating and try to think outside of the box when it comes to finding items. Check your local affordable home decor store or thrift shops and antique stores to find unique items that you can add to, re-purpose, or accessorize. On the weekends, try finding yard sales. Sometimes a yard sale can be a virtual treasure trove for decorative items. When you are shopping, try to keep an open mind about what you’re looking at. Don’t always look at an item for what it is, but try to see it for what it COULD be. I love finding a cheap item and then re-purposing it and turning it into something fabulous for just a few dollars! Thrift shops and yard sales are where you normally find such items. Keep in mind that sometimes you can even try bartering on the price!

Photography by: Vanessa Garofalo

The items featured in this post are great for vintage, shabby, cottage, and even coastal chic decor. They would also work well for a wedding or bridal shower. I am using these items for my upcoming vintage chic themed wedding. I wanted to find things that have a vintage flair but a touch of elegance as well. I also wanted to find things in shades of white, silver, and pale blues to match the wedding design I created. The blue glass dish above was something that I found for a great price in an antique mall just a couple miles from my home. The flower pom that is perched on top was made by me for just a few dollars. You can find my post about these poms here.

The items at the left were found in two different craft stores in the Spring. I planned ahead to find these items knowing that certain stores have certain decorative items depending on what time of year it is. This Springtime items will work perfectly for my vintage chic event. I also planned ahead when it came to purchasing the items. If you are able and time things right, wait and come back to the store when they begin marking the items down near the end of the season, or a coupon becomes available. I RARELY pay full price for the items I buy. I’m all about being a bargain shopper, but not letting my decor reflect that. The idea is to find “pretty and sparkly things” on a budget! The tray the items are sitting on was found at a local thrift store for $3.00! I took it apart, cleaned it up, and spray painted the frame white. I’ve seen these in local antique stores for $20.00! The moral of the story? Get creative and get crafting!


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