Navy Blue & Green Wedding – Laura & Seth

I’M BACK! Yes, I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, but getting married and settling into married life keeps one very busy! But I’m back and would like to share with you some photos I took on behalf of Christopher Visuals at a recent wedding I did with my new husband. Laura and Seth are an amazing, down-to-earth couple and they were such a joy to photograph on their wedding day. As a costume designer, Laura had a lot of special touches, including her DIY bridal bouquet. Naturally, as someone who designs and makes bouquets and wedding accessories myself, I can certainly appreciate her creativity! Here are a few highlights from Laura and Seth’s Davis Islands Garden Club wedding. From getting ready, to their first look, to the party afterward, we had a blast shooting their wedding. 🙂










When I’m photographing the getting-ready portion of a wedding, I tend to be OBSESSED with the bride’s accessories. Hey, who doesn’t love a good shoe picture?! We women LOVE our shoes! And If we can’t wear those crazy-looking heels, we can at least admire them! So here is another shoe shot. I just couldn’t help myself.



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